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— Women’s Denim

Welcome to Xabi Jeans

- The Home of American-Made Premium Jeans and Denim in Los Angeles

Every pair of jeans has a story. A beginning. A journey. A destination. And at Xabi Jeans, our premier jeans begin their story in Milan, Italy...

The Highest-Quality Denim

Denim—now a world-famous material—owes its creation to the traditional Italian textile industry. In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis were inspired by the celebrated cotton corduroy of Genoa, Italy to create a twill fabric that would be strong and durable enough to be worn by workers. Through trial and error, the pair arrived at the material used today to make jeans.

The unique coloring of denim was originally achieved by coloring the warp threads with organic indigo dye and leaving the weft threads white. That way, the outside had a blue coloring and the inside remained white.

A Continuing Italian Tradition

To make the highest-quality premium jeans possible, we source our denim from Milan, Italy where it is produced ethically and with environmentally-sustainable methods. By starting our jeans’ story with the best materials available, we inspire our workers to create jeans that will provide a long life of wear and enjoyment.

Providing Jobs with Denim in Los Angeles

Our founder Javier Marquez moved to America in the 1980s, when local manufacturing was still an important source of employment for Americans. In the decades that followed, 80% of the denim and clothing industry took their manufacturing processes overseas to increase their profit margins. This resulted in a loss of jobs for honest, hard-working Americans.

Xabi Jeans was created to bring the American apparel dream back to life with handmade, premium jeans that are created by Americans and for Americans. What started as a small family business now provides the opportunity for dozens of passionate artisans to exercise their skill and be able to support their families. While it does cost a little more, quality materials and well-paid artisans make apparel that is comfortable to wear and will last for years!

Purchasing a Pair of Premium Jeans is a Long-Term Investment

When you purchase a pair of our handmade, artisanal jeans, you’re investing in a lifetime of wear and enjoyment. At the same time, you’re ensuring jobs for working-class Los Angeles families. And that’s something that makes our quality men’s and women’s jeans worth much more than the price you pay.