Our Values

Our Values

Why make premium jeans in Los Angeles?

Xabi Jeans LA is a family-founded, -owned and -operated company. Our mission is to make comfortable, fashionable, and high-quality apparel, while at the same time providing good, honest, well-paying jobs in Los Angeles to support local families. We have watched as 80% of the garment industry has left to Mexico or overseas, but we want to keep manufacturing in America, and specifically in Los Angeles, in order to give back to the community that has supported our business. We know that by manufacturing our jeans locally, and by lovingly crafting them by hand and not with machines, we can ensure that they will meet our high standards--and we’ll sell them at a competitive price for the level of quality. At Xabi Jeans LA, we truly believe our slogan: "Wear it with attitude. It’s your style."

A letter from the founder

The Xabi Jeans Dream

The Xabi Jeans Dream

"I want to make jeans that anyone can appreciate, not just for the fit and premium quality, but for all the values they represent."

I have been a dreamer since I was a young boy. My family lacked many daily living necessities and I learned at a young age that I had to work very hard to survive. With many sacrifices, my first dream came true when I immigrated to the United States in 1987 seeking a better future. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, I entered the apparel industry, and I worked my way up the ranks over the years. In 2004, I took another leap of faith and became the manufacturer for one of the top-selling brands in department stores at the time, greatly expanding my company to employ hundreds of people who I came to think of as family.

In the following years, though, I witnessed a drastic change in the apparel industry. Many other brands moved their operations to cheaper countries like China or Mexico. This shift left many hard-working people unemployed and companies like mine in dire straits. I felt that the values of my industry had changed; margins had become all that mattered, while the people were forgotten. As someone who has worked in apparel as an employee, a manager, and finally a business owner, it pains me to see the industry I love shrink year by year as more and more companies move overseas.

But I am still a dreamer. I want to fight to bring back the good American jobs that have been lost. To that end, I have created a new brand called Xabi Jeans LA. I want to make jeans that anyone can appreciate, not just for the fit and premium quality, but for all the values they represent.

It all started with a dream, a vision, and leadership. I want to set an example of hard work and integrity. I do not think only of my own personal gains or success; I also have a vision of opportunities for others and for this great country. Denim is my life for these reasons. This is Xabi Jeans!

Javier Marquez

Xabi jeans are created exclusively in L.A. with premium quality fabric sourced from ethical, fair-trade suppliers.

–it's your style, wear it with attitude!