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Explore New, Trending Styles Like Men’s Cropped Jeans at Xabi Jeans

Get in on the season’s latest trend with stylish men's cropped jeans from Xabi Jeans. Cut above the ankle, these summer-ready trending jeans for men are ideal for use with sandals, trainers, or even bare feet. Modern, casual, and always on-trend, our premium men's jeans help you express your style with ease.

Stone-Washed Italian Denim for One-of-a-Kind Style

In comparison to other jeans manufacturers, the quality of our materials means that our apparel fits better and lasts longer. 

As with our other premium jeans, our men's cropped jeans are made from luxury denim which we source from our fair-trade supplier in Milan, Italy. Once the denim reaches us, our Los Angeles tailors cut, sew, and color the jeans by hand. Then, we put our jeans through a traditional stone wash process to soften the fabric and complete the texturing that makes our jeans so comfortable and attractive.

Choose Xabi Jeans and Support Fashion in Los Angeles

A homegrown, family business, Xabi Jeans is proud to produce men's cropped jeans in Los Angeles at a time when most of the manufacturing industry has taken their production facilities overseas. By purchasing a pair of our premium jeans, you are helping to provide opportunities for local tailors and keeping the American apparel industry alive.

Learn more about our vision, and shop our premium men’s jeans online today.