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  1. Faith Relaxed Jeans - Laraki
    Faith Relaxed Jeans - Laraki
    As low as $189.00
  2. Faith Relaxed Jeans - Lobini
    Faith Relaxed Jeans - Lobini
    As low as $189.00
  3. Dreamer Relaxed Jeans - Targa
    Dreamer Relaxed Jeans - Targa
    As low as $189.00
  4. Faith Relaxed Jeans - Devaux
    Faith Relaxed Jeans - Devaux
    As low as $189.00
  5. Faith Relaxed Jeans - Maico
    Faith Relaxed Jeans - Maico
    As low as $189.00
  6. Faith Relaxed Jeans - Metro
    Faith Relaxed Jeans - Metro
    As low as $169.00
  7. Faith Relaxed Jeans - Dune
    Faith Relaxed Jeans - Dune
    As low as $199.00
  8. Faith Relaxed Jeans - Sand
    Faith Relaxed Jeans - Sand
    As low as $159.00

8 Items

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Take Casual Up a Notch: Shop Relaxed Men’s Jeans at Xabi Jeans

Men's relaxed jeans represent some of the most versatile styles on the market today. Ideal for casual wear, work, home, and every event in between, these new jeans for men feature a comfortable fit around the hip and thigh while maintaining the modern look of a straight-cut jean.

Modern Designs for Men of All Ages

The men's relaxed fit jeans in our premium collection feature fashionable washes that range from light colors like sand and dune to medium “metro” blue and dark washes. Layered atop these washes, our expert jean artisans have carefully handcrafted on-trend fading and subtle distressing features that give every pair of jeans its own unique look and style.

Whether you’re a young urbanite or a suburban gentleman, the understated relaxed fit and styling of our Los Angeles-inspired denim make these premium men's relaxed jeans accessible to every age and size.

Invest in the Best with Xabi Jeans

When it comes to quality, there really is no contest. At Xabi Jeans, we source the best-quality ethical denim from Milan, Italy and sew our jeans by hand in our Los Angeles facility. Every stitch in our men's relaxed fit jeans is made by a skilled denim artisan for an unparalleled finish and durability.

Find out more about our dedication to fair labor and sustainability, and shop our men's relaxed jeans to discover what premium denim is all about.