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  1. Faith Straight — Lancia
    Faith Straight Jeans - Lancia
    As low as $189.00
  2. Faith Skinny — F2 Motorcycle
    Faith Skinny Jeans - F2 Motorcycle
    As low as $199.00
  3. Faith Skinny Jeans - Fraser
    Faith Skinny Jeans - Fraser
    As low as $199.00
  4. Faith Skinny Jeans - Ikco
    Faith Skinny Jeans - Ikco
    As low as $209.00
  5. Faith Skinny Jeans - Maxus
    Faith Skinny Jeans - Maxus
    As low as $209.00

5 Items

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Urban Jeans for the Twenty-First Century Urbanite

In our men’s collection of urban jeans, find the latest styles stateside for city dwellers and modern professionals. Featuring skinny-leg and straight-leg fits, customized rips, and artsy, unique washes, our urban denim designs are as fashionable as they are resistant and long-lasting.

Quality Apparel for Forward-Thinking City-Dwellers

At Xabi Jeans, we’re not into fast fashion: We prefer quality garments that require skill and expertise to produce. In the twenty-first century, the most innovative and authentic urban jeans are the ones made by people, not machines.

Traditional Stone Washing and Cutting-Edge Designs

Did you know that the iconic faded look of modern jeans is traditionally achieved through a process called stone washing? This process not only gives your urban jeans a multi-faceted look, but also softens the feel of the denim when worn. While many modern companies are now using chemicals to fade and wear their jeans, we continue to wash our denim with natural stones for a classic look that doesn’t harm your skin or the environment.

Wear Denim with Attitude at Xabi Jeans

As a city-based company, Xabi Jeans is urban from start to finish. We begin with premium denim from high-end, sustainable mills in Milan, Italy and manufacture our urban jeans by hand in our family-owned and -operated Los Angeles factory. This brilliant partnership ensures that our denim is both trendy today and timeless tomorrow.

Find out more by reaching out to us via our web form and shop our urban jeans online now.