A Decade of Denim Trends

Since their beginnings as worker’s pants and cowboy accessories to a coveted designer fashion item, denim jeans have come a long way. In every decade, trends in denim continue to evolve and symbolize the hopes and aspirations of the generation that wears them. Remember the acid-wash jeans of the 80s, the baggy jeans of the 90s, and the jeggings of the 00s? In this blog post, we review the most iconic denim fashion developments from the 2010s.

A photo of Victoria Boginskaya walking down the street wearing jeans and with a jacket slung over her shoulder.

Distressed is Best

In days gone by, it would take weeks or even years to wear-in a pair of jeans and help them develop a few strategic rips here and there for aesthetic appeal. This all changed with the introduction of the boyfriend jean (or girlfriend jean) in 2010. With a cropped length and cuffed hems, the loose-fit boyfriend jean took care of distressed trends in denim by factory producing jeans that provided customers with an artisan “worn-in” look from the very beginning.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Home-baked traditions turned classy with the craze for patchwork jeans. In this creative turn, trends in denim took inspiration from grandmothers everywhere and produced two-tone and multi-tone jeans that included embellishments that were reminiscent of DIY clothing repairs but with a definitively stylish edge.

Tight and Toned

In the 2010s, we said “goodbye” to the big and baggy trends of the 90s and bootleg cut of the 00s and welcomed in a jean that hugged the leg from waist to ankle. Far from being restricted to the ladies, skinny trends in denim became popular with men and women alike—especially when sold in different and eye-catching colors.

Goodbye, Muffin top

Everyone who suffered through the low-rise jeans of the 2000s breathed a sigh of relief when high-waisted jeans came back in the 2010s. While these quasi-vintage waistlines weren’t quite as high as their predecessors from the 80s, they covered up those muffin tops for a flattering silhouette all around.

Blast from the Past

If we thought high-waisted jeans were a blast from the past, we were in for another surprise when cropped flared jeans and undone hems came back in the mid-2010s. Inspired by trends in denim from the 70s, these additions to the denim fashion collection had our parents’ generation dusting off their disco clothes and singing “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees as they danced down the hall.

Time to Relax

While the skinny craze had us looking tucked and trim, the skinny jeans of the early 2010s were just a little too tight for some and gave way to relaxed-fit skinny jeans later in the decade. A hybrid between a straight cut and a skinny cut, this new trend resulted in a flattering jean that could finally be worn all day without cramping your style.

Denim with a Conscience

After a growing awareness of fast-fashion, trends in denim finally started to sway customer priorities towards quality and fairness in the 2010s. A small number of boutique jeans manufacturers began marketing premium jeans made using fair-trade and environmentally-sustainable practices. While these jeans came with a higher price tag, customers began to understand that “cheap jeans” come at a high cost to workers and the environment and tend to wear out quickly—representing a false economy.

Digital Denim

Finally, no industry has gone untouched by the digital shopping revolution. Customers looking for the latest trends in denim in the 2010s have started to shop around on fashion apps to find deals and discounts on their favorite jeans and have them delivered directly to their door. Rather than spending hours upon hours at the mall trying on jeans, denim fashion upgrades are now available at the click of a button.

Stay Ahead of the Trends with Xabi Jeans

No matter where trends in denim take us over the next ten years, the team at Xabi Jeans is constantly scouring the market for new ideas to bring you the next-season of denim fashion ahead of the rest.

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