The Benefits of Buying Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade Denim

Fair trade denim is often lost in the discussion surrounding a more responsible clothing and fashion industry. After all, blue jeans are a humble garment that don’t often generate buzz on the red carpet, but you still find them in nearly every closet from coast to coast.

Choosing ethically sourced jeans can make a big impact when you consider just how many pairs consumers go through each year. That’s exactly why we’re so committed to giving our customers an option that not only looks and feels great on their body, but that they can be proud to wear, thanks to socially conscious production.

closeup of blue denim material

The Importance Of Fair Trade

Fair trade denim closely follows the fair trade initiatives in other industries, but while it’s popular in marketing jargon, not many people understand what goes into the process.

In our current global economy, it is normal for some ingredients, components, or raw material used in the production of goods to be imported. The relationship between importers, exporters, and the communities that produce those materials, however, has often been motivated by profit more than by a desire to do social good. In fact, it has often led to inequalities between the profit made by larger corporations and trading interests and the initial producers, who are often in developing countries or communities where poverty leaves them with little ability to demand equal terms.

The philosophy behind fair trade denim, coffee, chocolate, or any other product is to deliver value for value. This helps build communities, lifting them out of poverty, ensuring responsible growth in the supply chain, and preparing future generations to build on successful, equitable economic partnerships between all parties involved. It’s a better way to do business that helps strengthen economic ties, and one that we believe binds us all a little tighter.

The Link Between Fair Trade And Ethical Sustainability

When you decide to do good in one area of business, it’s natural for that to spread to other components. One of the easiest ways to cut costs while still offering living wages to your workers and purchasing denim with fair trade prices is to eliminate waste, and that’s better for the world around us.

Sustainable, ethically sourced jeans not only rely on crops that offer a renewable natural fiber, but on eliminating the excess materials that end up in landfills. This applies to all our elements of production, whether that’s where the raw materials are grown, in Italy where our denim is woven, or in Los Angeles where each pair of our jeans is handcrafted.

You Demand The Best, So Do We

Some companies use fair trade practices themselves, but choose vendors that still operate in a traditional, and sometimes predatory, way. Our fair trade denim is different. When we say we use ethically sourced denim, that means we only use suppliers that believe in the same philosophy of value parity. This helps them ensure that they’re getting some of the best raw materials in the world to work with, and you can see and feel the difference in the quality of denim they create for us.

Our denim has a smooth, tight weave that hangs softly on the skin, takes dye and washes perfectly, and is remarkably durable. Unlike the thin, coarse denim in cheaper jeans which often needs replacing before a single season is out, our jeans have been known to last for years. Part of the reason is that we buy better material to make our jeans with in the first place.

A worker sets the rivet in a pair of jeans

Ethical Practices In Production

Once we get the fair trade denim to our factory, we put the same ethical philosophy to work right here in the United States. While many manufacturers have shipped production overseas to take advantage of rock-bottom labor costs and, in some cases, a virtually captive workforce. This keeps overhead costs low, but neither contributes to the betterment of the local workers or to society in general. That’s not okay.

We’ve kept our manufacturing right here in Los Angeles, where we can provide good paying jobs to Americans who need them. We also still make ethically sourced jeans by hand, without the robot-controlled laser cutters that are used elsewhere for mass production. This also includes real stone washing and dying the material by batch to make sure we get exactly the shade we need. It’s a labor-intensive process to create fair trade denim jeans, but the results are worth it.

Bringing Ethical Jeans Home

Our customers choose our jeans because they have the look, feel, and durability they love, but because they can also feel good about choosing them. Socially conscious clothing is better for people at every step along the way, better for the environment, and also lets the customers get involved in more ethical consumer practices. Because our jeans last so long, there are fewer pairs to buy and they have much longer service lives. This ultimately creates less waste that ends up in landfills.

In addition, we offer our fair trade denim jeans in a range of styles, fashions, and washes so you can find the perfect pair for any denim occasion. Each one is designed for a good fit and we let you see exactly what you’re getting when you buy, making sure you’re getting a pair you’re going to love. That means you’re less likely to need a pair to “replace” the ones you thought you were getting.

Ordering The Perfect Xabi Jeans For You

Are you ready to look your best and feel great about it? Browse our full line of men’s and women’s fair trade denim for the ethically sourced jeans that are right for your lifestyle and wardrobe needs. From skinny leg designs that offer a clean, svelte silhouette to traditional straight leg pants and even shorts and skirts, ts a style to make your own. Every pair is made with the same high-quality Italian denim and attention to detail that Xabi Jeans is known for.

If you have any questions about our fair trade denim jeans, contact our customer service department for additional information. They’ll help you understand the differences in our product line and what a difference a good pair of jeans can make. Order your high-quality jeans online from Xabi Jeans today.