Why Cheap Isn't Always Better When it Comes to Denim

Denim comes in a wide range of prices, so how do you know when expensive jeans are worth it? If you aren’t familiar with the clothing industry, it can be hard to understand what sets cheap vs. expensive jeans apart. It goes beyond simply material and style, although each of those qualities are valid. The more impactful difference is in the sustainable, ethical benefits of investing in a better pair of jeans.

A man wearing Faith black skinny jeans

The State Of Jeans

In order to understand why expensive jeans are worth it, you need to understand cheaper jeans first. Sold for under $50 at most neighborhood department stores, they’re mass produced to provide affordable pants that still turn a profit for the manufacturer and retail outlets. To do this, costs have to be cut, and it starts with the material used. Cheap jeans usually have a lower thread count and the threads are relatively loose. This cuts processing time and lowers the amount of thread needed to weave the material.

Once woven, the material is shipped to factories where they can be mass produced. Lasers or other computer-guided cutters remove the basic forms from the materials, then workers, usually paid extremely low wages, sew these pieces together. The selvage, or left-over material, is discarded. Decorative elements are added, tags are affixed, then the garments are loaded into boxes and crates for shipping. Eventually, it makes it to a warehouse where it is divided up into store shipments, then sent to your local retail establishment. Due to the material qualities and construction technique, it’s not uncommon to go through several pairs a season, with worn, torn, and ripped jeans filling landfills.

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Why Expensive Jeans Are Worth It

When you invest in quality jeans, you’re getting an entirely different product. This is where expensive jeans shine vs. cheap alternatives. At Xabi, we start with a premium Italian denim material that is tightly woven of high-quality cotton fibers. Once it’s shipped to us, we cut each pair by hand--without the aid of computers or lasers--at our Los Angeles factory. This gives us complete control over the quality of every pair we sell, helps us better control waste for increased sustainability, and gives jobs to good people in America who need the ethical employment opportunity.

Our employees then assemble and stitch every pair. They’re constructed, washed, or distressed based on the style called for, then rigorously checked to make sure they live up to our standards. Our people care because they’re passionate about their jobs and community, and it shows. The result is a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and that you can count on.

Expensive jeans are worth it because the extra money is going toward a pair of pants that can last for years. With better materials and crafting, they look good longer, and stand up to the trials of your active lifestyle far better than budget jeans. When a single pair can outlast several years’ worth of multiple pairs per season, the investment in better denim makes sense.

Investment in better jeans is also an investment in sustainable, ethical clothing. A need for fewer pairs of jeans leads to less waste, and that’s good for the environment. By supporting good-paying American jobs, you’re supporting the economy. Our jeans don’t just feel good, you can feel great about wearing them.

Change Your Jeans

Ready to invest in better jeans and find out why expensive jeans are worth it? We’re ready to help with the styles, cuts, and washes that you love to wear. Contact our customer service department if you need additional information. Order the denim that will become your new favorite at Xabi Jeans today.