Behind the Scenes

We're proud of our bustling facility in central Los Angeles, and invite you to go behind the scenes and take a peek at how we make our quality premium jeans.

Real Jobs

Making quality jeans is a craft

In an industry that is quickly automating to cut costs and increase profits while cranking out cookie-cutter, low-quality product, we still rely on experienced artisans who cut, sew, wash, airbrush, and distress our jeans by hand. Because our best quality jeans are made by people and not robots or lasers, every pair we sell is a unique work of art that will look and fit great, and last for years.

Closeup of a person's hands and a sewing machine
In the Details

Other brands use lasers;
we use human hands

Our workers are artisans who spend years learning and perfecting their craft. We believe that the best quality jeans can’t be produced by programmed machines, so we employ trained specialists to carry out every step of the manufacturing process. Some specialists are experts with an airbrush; others know how to sand and tear the fabric for a convincing, natural distressed look. Whatever they do, our workers are people who take pride in their craft.

Airbrushing Jeans

Worker using airbrush to decorate denim jeans

We still airbrush our premium jeans by hand with high-quality dyes for a finished product that is consistent, yet unique. It is a labor-intensive technique, but we’re convinced that it is well worth the effort.

Sanding and Bleaching

Worker using sandpaper to distress denim jeans

Using lasers or other automated processes to add aged effects to jeans can cut down on time and cost, but it results in an inferior product. Our artists sand and bleach jeans by hand for a natural look.

Stone Washing

Denim jeans after being stone washed

We use real stone to stone wash our jeans. It's surprising that so many other brands choose to use enzymes or other artificial methods: our artisanal stone washing process results in a superior, authentic feel and finish.

rolls of denim before being cut to make jeans
Material Goods

The best quality jeans are made from the best materials

The best manufacturing processes mean nothing if the materials aren't top quality. For that reason, we source our fabrics exclusively from the best producers in Italy. We believe you will notice the difference that premium denim makes to the look, feel, and durability of our jeans.

Xabi jeans are created exclusively in L.A. with premium quality fabric sourced from ethical, fair-trade suppliers.

—it's your style, wear it with attitude!