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  1. Graceful Crop Flare — Merak
    Graceful Crop Flare — Merak
    As low as $179.00
  2. Graceful Crop Skinny — Fogger
    Graceful Crop Skinny — Fogger
    As low as $169.00
  3. Graceful Crop Straight  — Bullet
    Graceful Crop Straight — Bullet
    As low as $169.00
  4. Graceful Crop Skinny — Vivaro
    Graceful Crop Skinny — Vivaro
    As low as $179.00

4 Items

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Shop Women’s Cropped Jeans and the Latest Styles at Xabi Jeans

Stay up with the latest styles in women's premium denim with our trending women's cropped jeans. Featuring all your favorite washes and lengths from mid-calf to just above the ankle, these premium jeans have been handcrafted in Los Angeles for a chic and completely unique finish.

Wear Artisan Rips with Attitude

Cropped jeans are the perfect way to add sharp, modern flair to your everyday look. From stilettos in the office to flats while you run errands, cropped jeans match with every style staple in your wardrobe.

At Xabi Jeans, all of the detailing on our quality women’s cropped jeans is created by hand by expert denim artisans who specialize in their craft. Every rip, distressed detail, and fading are all performed by hand, individually, resulting in a one-of-a-kind pair of jeans that is unlike any other.

When you buy a pair of our American-made women's cropped jeans, you know you are purchasing the latest and best in Los Angeles. These are jeans that you can wear with pride and attitude.

Buy Denim You Can Count on at Xabi Jeans

Xabi Jeans is proud to offer new jeans for women each season that come directly from our creative team and are made locally using the highest-quality fair-trade Italian denim.

Find out more about our vision and artisan process, and shop our women's cropped jeans to experience the superior comfort of all-American craftsmanship.